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Terms and conditions


48 hours notice is required to avoid payment in full for any service booked with Barks at the park.


Barks at the Parks are unable to spend a long time discussing a dogs walk with a customer at the time of the walk, as other dogs may have to be picked up at the same time as part of a group walk. Barks at the park request customers telephone them on 01981 541316 to discuss any detailed requirements.


Barks at the park will apply personal judgement and cut a walk short due to extreme weather conditions,(thunderstorms,heatwave,snow) for the safety of the animals and walkers.


Due to inclement weather conditions, Barks at the park may have to improvise and spend quality time at home with the customers dog. In exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to cancel the walk outright.


If Barks at the Park decide to cancel the walk due to extreme weather conditions, the customer will be not be charged for the service required.


Barks at the park will do there best to clean any mud from each dog if towels are provided by the customer.


Barks at the Park are unable to groom or bathe dogs after there walks, and some mess may be unavoidable.


Barks at the parks agree to provide a professional service, but request any concern of any service we provide is raised with Barks at the Park within 24 hours.


Barks at the Park will not accept responsibility for pets that bite or suffer injury within the customers home due to insecure/faulty doors or insecure boundary fencing.


The customer must ensure there pet is fully up to date with all necessary vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.


Barks at the park will assess each dogs suitability for a group walk, and if a dog is unruly or untrained, or pulls strongly on there lead, the dog may have to be walked on an individual walk.


All dogs will be walked on there leads unless express permission is given by the customer for the dog to be walked off the lead.


Barks at the park are not liable for the loss of the dog, any injury caused to the dog or any damage the dog causes whilst walked off the lead.


At any one time the maximum number of dogs walked as a group will be no more than 5.


The customer will supply suitable leads and collars for there dog.


If provided, Barks at the park will refill basic dog food and water after a walk.


Barks at the park request the customer notify them of any changes in the dogs behaviour or health.


Bitches in season may not be accepted on a group dog walk and Barksattheparthepark require immediate notification.


Barks at the park reserve the right to withdraw there services, due to a dogs inability to walk properly as part of a group.


Customers will be invoiced on a monthly basis, at the end of each calender month. Payment in full is required within 14 days of the invoice date.


The 10% discount for a block booking is not available to customers already taking advantage of an additional dog discount.


The 10% discount for a block booking does not apply to home visits.


In the case of an emergency, Barks at the Park will make every effort to take your animal to your nominated vet. Barks at the park re not liable for any of the vets fees.


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